Born into a musical family, with both my father and brother involved in music, my interest in music blossomed from an early age. At the tender age of six, I embarked on my musical journey, learning the Tombak instrument under the guidance of renowned maestro Navid Afghah. My passion for music deepened, and at nine, I gave my first serious performance, showcasing my natural talent and the undeniable music in my veins.
Several years later, at the age of 18, I delved into the world of music composition and composition software classes, igniting my passion for creating melodies. Fuelled by this newfound enthusiasm, I began sharing my compositions on SoundCloud, showcasing my unique musical voice to the world. Simultaneously, I embarked on the study of the Duduk, an Armenian woodwind instrument, further expanding my musical horizons. My fascination with wind instruments continued, and in 2016, I began learning the Saxophone, adding another dimension to my musical repertoire.
As an independent artist, I made my mark with a debut collaboration on Mehdi Rajabian's "Middle Eastern" album, a groundbreaking production that united over a hundred renowned Middle Eastern composers and musicians. This extraordinary collaboration captured international attention, gracing the pages of major news outlets worldwide. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment, the album served as a testament to my musical prowess and the power of cross-cultural collaboration.
Throughout my musical journey, I have performed the Duduk in various ensembles, adding my unique touch to diverse musical settings. My passion for music has also extended to composing scores for films and theatre productions, breathing life into cinematic narratives and theatrical performances. Music has always been an integral part of my being, flowing through my veins like an unstoppable force.
My musical preferences are as diverse as my musical experiences. I find myself drawn to the tranquil melodies of Ambient music, the electrifying rhythms of Electronic music, the improvisational genius of Jazz, the grandeur of Classical music, and the minimalist elegance of Minimal music.
I am a musician at heart, forever seeking new avenues to express my musical creativity. My journey is far from over, and I eagerly await the countless opportunities that lie ahead, promising to further enrich my musical tapestry and touch the lives of others through the universal language of music.